Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Are people with bad credit eligible for payday Loans?

People usually face financial problems when their pay check gets exhausted by the second or third week of the month. Credit shortage affects the lives of many, especially in emergency situations. You will usually opt for taking a loan to satisfy your needs but if you have a black mark on your credit records than you will find it much more difficult to get a loan to overcome your financial crisis.

But here is a solution to your problems - Bad credit Payday Loans. You are eligible to apply for these loans irrespective of your bad credit history.

Qualifying for bad credit payday loan:

Possessing a bad credit history does not stop you from applying for the loan to meet your financial obligations. The criteria that are considered by the lenders to approve the loan are:

  • You need to have an active checking account
  • You must be an adult citizen of the country which means you must be at least 18 years old
  • You must possess a secure and a stable job earning a fixed monthly income.

Applying for the loan:

The process employed for applying for the loan is simple and can be completed within few minutes. You just need to follow the below steps:

  • Firstly fill in the online form on the website, providing all the required details
  • After filling the entire form in you must submit it to the site
  • Within due course your application will be reviewed and if it is approved you will receive a confirmation e-mail soon after
  • The confirmation will consist of a form asking you of the details regarding your bank details
  • Fill in all the details correctly and send the form back.
  • You should receive an e- mail saying the amount has been deposited into your account.

Benefits of Bad credit payday loans:

  • No credit check is required
  • You are eligible to apply even with a bad or low credit score
  • You should receive instant approvals
  • The entire process is free from collateral submissions
  • The process employed is hassle free and simple to understand
  • These loans are easily available online

Another point that is important to consider is that since these loans are unsecured loans they can charge a greater interest rate compared to the other types of loans.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Important Legal Information When Seeking A Cash Loan Online

A cash loan online is an ideal way to quickly straighten out any financial affairs that are causing you problems. For example, you may have to pay rent or utility bills in the next few days or risk having your electricity cut off or your landlord giving you a final warning. You may even be in danger of paying bank overdraft fees which are greater than a cash loan online repayment. This form of loan goes by many names including payday loan, instant cash loan, cash loan online or check advance loans. All of them are designed to help you deal with a short-term financial problem.


There is a lot of hyperbole used to describe the alleged dangers of online cash loans companies. It is suggested that they are illegal but this is simply not true. Instant cash loans are banned in some American states and other countries worldwide but companies that offer such loans don’t practice where it is illegal. In the United States in particular, the process of receiving a cash loan online is strictly regulated. This means that instant cash loan companies have to adhere to the financial regulations of the state they practice in or else they will be prosecuted and banned from the state. Because there is controversy surrounding online cash loans, companies of this nature are better regulated than the banking sector.


The Truth in Lending Act is what protects the consumer in the United States. It is a federal law which ensures that all instant cash loan companies have to divulge certain information to the consumer before making the loan. For example, they must clearly state the amount of interest that is to be paid prior to making the loan when a repayment date is agreed upon. Although it is irrelevant because online cash loans are so short-term, the lender must disclose the APR. Other information must be provided on the disclosure which is given to the consumer before the agreement is signed. Lenders must also follow the rules for lending to the military which include providing an APR which is no higher than 36%.

 Individual State Laws

Of course, you need to carefully read your own state’s rules and regulations pertaining to borrowing a cash loan online. For example, in Nebraska, you’re not allowed borrow more than $500 and the term of the loan cannot exceed 31 days. No company can charge you more than $17.65 interest on a $100 loan over a 14 day period with the maximum APR for that period not allowed to exceed 459%. Also, consumers cannot have more than two loans outstanding at the same time. In Delaware, the maximum loan is also $500 but the maximum term is 60 days. There is no maximum allowed limit for APR or amount of interest to be paid in total over a 14 day period.

When looking for a cash loan online, ensure that you do your research and find an instant cash loan company that adheres to your state rules. If you do, you’ll find that the cash loan they provide will be invaluable.

How Instant Cash Loans Can Service Your Credit Card Bill

Did you know that you can use instant cash loans to pay off your credit card bill? The process of getting yourself in debt to pay off more debt may seem crazy but the interest on instant cash loans is far lower than what you’ll have to pay if you miss credit card payments.

If you were just to consider the respective APR’s of credit cards and instant cash loans, there would be no contest. Most credit cards have an APR of around 20-30% whereas instant cash loans may have an APR ranging from 400-4000%. Surely, taking out a cash loan online is not the best way to deal with your debt problem in this instance? Believe it or not, it is, and this is purely down to the fact that not all debt is equal.

Special Credit Cards = More Debt

People with bad credit are often left out in the cold by financial institutions which is why they sometimes get themselves into further financial trouble by taking the only offers available to them. Unfortunately, many of these offers lack the transparency of instant cash loans and this sees the consumer being badly burnt. A perfect example of this are credit cards specifically designed for people with bad credit.

 So called ‘high risk’ individuals can apply for a credit card which offers a starting limit of $250. Generally, there is a program fee of between $90-$100, an annual fee ranging from $40-$50, an account set up fee ranging from $25-$30 and a monthly service fee of between $5-$10. Unfortunately, all these fees count towards your limit so in reality, a $250 limit is actually between $60-$90 which is terribly low. Some people aren’t even aware of this and they quickly go over the limit which carries a fee of up to $30. Suddenly, the credit card designed to increase your credit score has cost you more than $200 in fees!

 Instant Cash Loans = Manageable Debt

Compare this to instant cash loans which are available to people with a poor credit history. Unlike the ‘special’ credit cards, there are no extra fees associated with the loan if you have bad credit. All applicants are treated equally because the instant cash loan company is obliged to explain all fees and charges up front. They are not allowed to change these fees based on a person’s credit history. Thanks to instant cash loans, you can quickly pay off your credit card bills, not pick up extra fees, not see your credit score damaged further and not be forced into looking for a new credit card for people with bad credit which only makes the situation worse.

 It’s estimated that the average American household has credit card debt of over $8,000. Failure to pay these extra bills on time will only see a raft of additional charges being added. Going over your limit will see you hit with severe financial penalties and even having the ability to pay off the minimum monthly limit is not good enough. All you are doing is servicing credit card interest. With instant cash loans, you can quickly get your credit card debt under control with a planned cash loan online.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why More People Are Looking For Cash Loans Online

Insolvency experts say that more people than ever are turning towards cash loans online as a means of solving their financial woes. A huge percentage of the national workforce are worried about their debt level with an estimated half of American citizens failing to make their monthly pay last until the next pay check. Some try and point the finger at cash loan companies because they are an easy target. It’s far easier to attack a relatively new institution than old ones. However, why is the government allowing inflation to spiral out of control and why are financial institutions making it so difficult to get a loan?

Far from being the enemy, cash loans online may well be your only friend in such harsh economic times. These cash loans are quick, easy and can be the difference between making your rent and missing it, thus incurring the wrath of an angry landlord. Cash loans online are basically short-term cash loans which are specifically designed to help you out until your next pay check comes. Simply set the repayment date to a time when you know your next check is due and repay what is owed.

Local Cash Loan Companies

You have the option of finding the physical address of a cash loan company, signing some papers, verifying the fact that you are currently employed by showing your most recent pay slips and providing proof of address. In these cases, you may need to give the lender a postdated check which pays them the full amount plus interest on a date chosen shortly after payday. Ensure that you choose a date when there will be money in your account. Otherwise, this postdated check will bounce and you will be liable for extra fees.

Go Online

Alternatively, you could choose cash loans online which may see money entered into your account within an hour of being approved. Online cash loan companies will ask you to fill in an application form which is identical to one you would fill in should you elect to receive a cash loan from a local office. You give the lender your bank details and they wire you the cash. You sign an agreement which states that it’s okay for them to take out what they are owed on a specific date. It couldn’t be easier!


If you are living in the United States, please bear in mind that cash loans online are not available in states such as Georgia and New York. This is because the aforementioned states have laws which don’t allow loans to be above a certain interest rate. This is unfortunate because cash loans online are a great way for someone to quickly deal with a short-term financial problem. States that don’t allow this practice are looking at APR as a genuine representation of the loan’s interest rate when it is not.

Cash loans online have a high APR because the repayment period is so fast. It’s not really worth a company taking a risk on a $500 loan for the sake of $10 or less interest. Although cash loans online would be very expensive if several months were taken to repay them, you are specifically advised to repay in less than a month. If you follow this advice, you’ll find that cash loans online are worth the interest paid because of the convenience they offer.

Improve Your Credit Score With Instant Cash loans

One thing you need to know about instant cash loans that may surprise you is that these loan companies report to major credit bureaus when you make a repayment. Therefore, the way in which you repay your cash loan will positively or negatively affect your credit score depending on how quickly you make the repayment. This revelation probably shocks those who are considering online cash loans because these companies generally don’t check an applicant’s credit score with most companies completely unconcerned about a client’s previous credit history. Yet this is great news because an instant cash loan can provide you with an unlikely method of increasing your credit score.

In fact, this is doubly good news for those with a poor credit rating because they often have no other loan option. Go to any bank and look for a loan when you have a poor credit rating and you can virtually kiss your chances of financial assistance goodbye. If you learn to use instant cash loans properly, you can actually improve your credit score and get that much needed loan all in one. You need to avoid cash loan organizations that do a credit background check. These companies are few and far between but they do exist.

How Cash Loans Can Help

As we’ve already mentioned, few instant cash loan companies are ever concerned with credit scores when you apply. With this in mind, you are right to ask the question: ‘How can cash loan online help my credit rating if they don’t check it themselves when I apply?’ As you know, your credit rating is determined by your ability to repay loans. If you have a bank loan, mortgage, car loan or credit card, your speed when it comes to repaying those dictates whether your credit rating goes up or down. Failure to repay the loan brings your credit rating crashing down and this is a problem for millions of Americans.

With instant cash loans, you can improve your credit score simply by repaying them on time. Take out a single cash loan, repay it within the allotted period and your rating will go up because the instant cash loan company will alert the credit bureaus who will adjust your rating accordingly. In contrast, they don’t contact credit bureaus when you apply initially. It would be remiss to suggest that taking out short-term cash loans is a great strategy when it comes to resurrecting your credit rating but it’s a start. Short-term cash loans have a small effect on your rating but successful repayment also entitles you to a longer repayment term next time if you wish. Take out a longer cash loan, repay on time and you will again see your credit rating improve.

Don’t forget that failure to repay the instant cash loan will negatively affect your credit rating because the loan company informs the credit bureaus after repayment even though it doesn’t check your credit history when you apply. However, because online cash loans are so short-term and the repayment terms are crystal clear, you should have no problem when it comes to making the payment on time.

Timing Is Crucial With Instant Cash Loans

The main reason why people look for instant cash loans is for emergency purposes where they can’t wait for a bank to give loan approval. It would be terrible if you looked for a cash loan and weren’t able to get it on time. Without this ready cash, all your short-term financial plans could go up in smoke. If you want to get an online cash loan fast, you have to take into account some considerations.

Method Of Payment

First of all, you need to realize that instant cash loan companies operate in a variety of different ways. If you need the loan fast, you should avoid organizations that only pay by posting your check in the mail. This process is slow and it could be several days before you receive the desperately needed money. Therefore, you have to choose an online cash loan company that pays the money directly into your bank account. Fortunately, there are dozens of options available.

Speed Is Also Your Responsibility

When applying for an instant cash loan from a company that can deliver the cash within an hour, you have to understand that your own speed is all part of the process. Once you have made the decision to look for an online cash loan, it’s imperative that you act fast and be totally prepared. In order for the loan to be sent directly to your checking account, you need to have details such as your bank account and social security numbers to hand as well as personal information such as name, phone number, address etc. Any delay from you when it comes to this information automatically slows down the receipt of the loan.


They say timing is everything and this doesn’t change when it comes to instant cash loans. It’s vital that you check out the location of the lender. The United States has many time zones and it will be closing time on the East Coast long before banks in the West shut. So, if you live in California and are seeking a fast online cash loan, there is no point asking a company who operate in Florida for help at 4.30pm your time. In this instance, the best you can manage is a loan on the following day. Also, instant cash loans are not allowed in 13 states so don’t expect to find a locally based company in New York or Arizona for example.

And this element of timing also extends to seeking payday loans on weekends or holidays. There are at least 10 bank holidays during the course of the year which include Labor Day, Memorial Day and Thanksgiving Day. If you try and get a same day online cash loan on any of these bank holidays, you’re out of luck because the loans company won’t be able to transfer money as the banks will be closed.

These are some of the factors you need to take into consideration when applying for an instant cash loan. Don’t leave it too late and attempt to borrow at the wrong time or on the wrong day, take care of your short-term money problems today.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Payday loan of verification

Any payday loan of verification of credit standing not only the ticket for that of you who have a bad credit. It never suffers failure, every time when there is an urgent requirement for cash, your past arrives often to visit you-offenses, writing off from the account, defaults of payment, bankruptcy etc. That to a step of the party process of check of your credit, as with the traditional loan, then instant acceptance payday loans - a method to go. No verification of credit standing is used to approve you, and funds can be received without delay fast the same as, you require them to be in days of crisis.
Any payday loan of verification of credit standing not for those people to whom it is necessary, hardly being approved for the regular loan and who appears before some kind of financial difficulties between pay periods. These unsuccessful circumstances which have not been calculated in the budget, can be approximately something - from house repair, to the new tyre for the car, to the medical account.
Payday loan supplies the direct help, and can be received in quantity from 100$ to 1500$. These loans intend to be short-term, usually only a few weeks, as they intend only to help you through to your following maturity date. Because of brevity of these loans, the interest rate tends to be a little above than that of regular or traditional loans.
Certainly there are some requests of continuity. The borrower should be at least 18 years of age, now to be employed and to result home at least 1000.00$ in a month. You also should have a current and active current account (within at least 3 months). As soon as to all these requests of continuity have answered, then contracting the loan payday loan, walk in park. The easiest and fastest way consists in going online. There are many creditors online; thus small research will be necessary to receive the lowest interest rate under your loan. But after that, you fill in the application, represent it, and within approximately day you have a loan!
Any instant acceptance payday loans of verification of credit standing not a method to go when you require small additional cash for that unexpected cost. It is fast, convenient, and easily well and paid back. So, when, that the extreme situation arises, you know now what to make, when you are in increase!